Male Voices jingles

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Michael A

Ralph H
Bob R
Jerry S
Michael L

Carl G

Mitch B

Todd S

Steve E

Fred L

Wayne S


Randy E

Ralph P

Tom M

Jonathan R

Ben A

Rick J

Bill D

Larry D

Ken P

Steve C

Craig B

Lewis M


Dale M

David R

Herman J

Dave D

Paul L

Dave L


Rick M

Mike P

Tom T

Warren F

Additional male voice talent available, just call!

We can record a voice over (V/O), create a strategy for an entire ad campaign, write the copy, produce TV spots, add production music, sound effects, score with original music to film, audio or video, write an award winning jingle, and digitally deliver to radio stations!


Talent rates start at $35-$50 per local :30 or :60, studio is $80/ hour which includes 2-way phone patch, digital delivery and archival of your session. Please call and we will provide a quote for your next project. Satisfaction guaranteed!