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Plank Productions Inc.
Mr. Ralph Plank, BMI, owner/composer/engineer/musician

1337 N. Washington Avenue
Springfield, MO  65802-1935

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1-888-88PLANK (1-888-887-5265)
e-mail to plankproductions
Ralph Plank

ABOUT US: The Service Team

    Plank is a member of BMI and has twenty six years’ experience working with advertising agencies, communications companies, agencies specializing in political work, direct clients, solo artists and bands, law firms, and motivational speakers producing quality sound products and recordings.

    He has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with emphasis in business administration, political science and philosophy from Drury University. Plank has furthered his knowledge and skills base by attending comprehensive forums concerning audio upgrades, thereby continuing to add a new dimension in artistry to his sound recording studio.

Plank served as an elected member of the Springfield Public Schools Board of Education from 1998 to 2004, is a board member of the Midtown Neighborhood Association and is a member of the Springfield Advertising Association. Plank was named as the Most Valuable Player of the Year  in appreciation for the positive difference he has made in the Springfield community.

    Ringer has twenty seven years' experience in broadcast production and operations, creative services and marketing/advertising management.  

Ringer has served as advertising manager, as creative services director, production manager, director of broadcast operations for television stations KOLR and KSPR, and has worked for over a decade as a marketing consultant and strategic planner.

Ringer is a graduate of Central Missouri State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree and has completed a Mastery of Business ownership program as well as other leadership development courses and coaching. 

Ringer is a charter member of the Springfield chapter of the Association of Women in Communications and has been listed in the national chapters Hall of Fame. The Springfield Business Journal named Ringer as one of the 2001 class of Springfield’s Most Influential Businesswomen.

This Web Site is hosted by American Multimedia.  Steve Akins is president and a great friend of mine.  He helped set this site up and can help you with web site design, hosting, promotion and CD ROM creation. Check out his site.

Judy Domeny Bowen has recently recording a sequel album to her hugely popular CD "Teacher Therapy," it is called "Teacher Therapy 2."   She is a great singer/songwriter and performs many older historic Ozark songs.

Lyal Strickland recently recorded his second CD with Plank Productions.  He is a great songwriter, singer and musician.

The Stacey Conlan band recently recorded some new tracks here and we helped with remixing some really great songs!

The Redneckrockers recently had us remix and master a group of songs for them that are now on their web site you can listen to!

Pete Generous is a great drummer and plays on tracks for Plank Productions including the Jiffy Lube national jingle clip.  He can add drum tracks to recordings.

To find out anything about any musical group and their recordings check out

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Plank Productions uses the world class Pro Tools TDM Mix Plus 64 track digital recording system.  Check out the system and popular artists recording with this system.

Answers to music rights and copyright questions are found at the U.S. Copyright office.  US Copyright Office

BMI  Broadcast Music International.  They have a list of songs and publishers for musicians and ad agencies wanting to obtain copyright clearance for the use of popular songs.

  The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.  They have a list of songs and publishers for musicians or ad agencies needing to obtain copyright clearance for the use of popular songs.  The Harry Fox agency acts as a clearinghouse for music rights to popular songs.  Performers and ad agencies can contact them to obtain licenses for mechanical rights to the use of popular songs.

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